Mold is a fungus, and it can cause big problems when it starts growing within your home. Because mold spores are microscopic, they can travel through your HVAC system and you can breathe them in even if you’re nowhere near the source. Anyone can experience irritation and health problems if they live in a contaminated building, but some people — like those with asthma or allergies — are more sensitive to mold spores and can have more severe reactions.

Mold thrives in damp places, such as in basements, near leaks in roofs, around windows, or anywhere there has been water damage. Mold grows especially well on wallpaper, ceiling tiles, and wood products, but it can also grow in places you can’t see, like insulation, upholstery, and drywall. 

Here at Aeret, we find all of the places mold might be hiding in your home and we remove it using a proprietary technology called Fresh Start Clean Air Management™. Our mold remediation process creates clean, fresh air for you and your loved ones to breathe. If you are in need of mold removal in Naples or Collier County, contact us today. 

Black Mold

Toxic black mold is rare, but it is dangerous and something you should be aware of. Many molds are black, and toxic black mold is a particular type of fungus called stachybotrys chartarum, or stachybotrys atra. This mold can release dangerous mycotoxins that can cause mold poisoning, which is why you need to act quickly when it comes to mold removal. 

While black mold is especially scary, toxic mold can come in many different colors, and if you find mold in your home, it should be removed as quickly as possible. There are over 100,000 species of mold in every shape and color, and only a mold expert, like an Aeret mold removal professional, can test and identify what type of mold you have in your home. 

The bottom line when it comes to mold is that you need to get rid of it. Mold remediation is a vital part of keeping your home safe, and if you believe you have a problem or simply would like more information, get in touch with us today.

Mold Prevention Services In Collier County

Utilizing our proprietary technology, Fresh Start Clean Air Management™, we can give you the peace of mind that mold won’t be an issue. We remove the source of mold, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms, while maintaining a clean indoor air space.

Cleaning teams are incredibly well-trained and have an eye for detail. However, the human eye is unable to see the microscopic details that lead towards mold and bacteria growth. Our Fresh Start Clean Air Management™ technology is able to clearly and directly confirm where these “problem areas” are forming before they’re an actual issue. We strive to act proactively and in a preventative manner, rather than reactive. Keeping your home or business as healthy as possible is our number one focus!

Mold Remediation Services Naples, FL

As Florida mold remediation specialists, our Florida clean air company will make sure your toxic black mold issues are no more. Keeping your family’s and employee’s health and safety as our number one priority, we strive to not only remediate any mold-related issues but also put the infrastructure in place to keep your living space or workspace as clean and healthy as possible for years to come. In terms of customer service, industry knowledge, and innovative clean air technology, Aeret

Interested in our Fresh Start Clean Air Management™? Please reach out to our team today to get the conversation started!