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With honesty, compassion, and expertise, Aeret Restoration helps you fix property damage quickly so your life and business can get back on track.

Find a Source for Responsive Restoration Services

Aeret Restoration is your partner in restoration. Our teams pride themselves on attention to detail. We restore homes and businesses to their original condition so normal life can continue. We’re committed to being there when needed—mobilizing within an hour to help preserve your building. Whether a fire, flood, hurricane, or mold issue, our certified experts use cutting-edge tools to meticulously repair damage with as little disruption as possible. We promise rapid, world-class services to help your family or business bounce back without issue. Across Florida, we’ve had the privilege of restoring lives—from Panhandle homes to South Beach hotels. Storm after storm, we continue serving our state, helping communities rise again.

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Rebuild With a Team That Listens

When the unexpected happens to your home or business, call our swift response teams for minimal disruption and meticulous restoration services you can count on. We actively listen to your needs to create a custom restoration plan prioritizing your comfort and continuity.

Explore Our Commercial and Residential Services Across Florida

Aeret Restoration provides best-in-class restoration services tailored to residential and commercial properties across key regions of Florida. Our rapid response teams are ready 24/7 to address damage from floods, storms, mold, and fire.

Explore Aeret’s Complete Restoration Services

Aeret Restoration provides comprehensive disaster restoration and reconstruction services. When a catastrophe event affects your property, our experts use cutting-edge technology, hospital-grade solutions, and structural enhancements to repair damage, remediate issues, and rebuild stronger than before.

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  • Repairing Water Damage Quickly

    From a small leak to complete flooding, our mitigation experts utilize cutting-edge drying technology to restore interiors fast.

  • Pinpointing and Removing Mold

    Leveraging infrared imaging and air sampling, we precisely detect mold and then deploy hospital-grade solutions for safe removal from any home or business.

  • Battling Fires and Lingering Smoke

    We rapidly contain fires while thermographic scans guide the cleaning process, completely eliminating all smoke residues and odors.

  • Safeguarding Property After Storms

    Securing damage swiftly while coordinating structural repairs–from fallen trees to homes leveled by hurricanes—our teams have seen it all and are ready to respond.

  • Reconstructing Stronger Than Before

    Partnering closely with contractors, we rebuild using structural drying, interior replacement, and preventative enhancements so properties withstand future disasters.

  • Uncovering the Causes of Moisture Intrusion

    Leveraging testing and analysis, we diagnose the root issues behind leaks and moisture ingress via investigations across roofing systems and building envelopes.

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