Building Envelope Investigation Services for Businesses and Homes

Aeret Restoration leverages state-of-the-art inspection tools to provide customized, comprehensive diagnostics identifying your home’s hidden defects and mapping targeted solutions.

Identify and Correct Sick Building Issues With Our Building Envelope Consultants

If your home feels uncomfortably humid or drafty, has unexplained moisture, or makes you feel unwell, you may have issues with your building envelope. As structures age and components fail, uncontrolled airflow, heat transfer, or water intrusion can occur. This creates a “sick building” environment that causes mold, high energy bills, and discomfort.

Aeret Restoration specializes in building envelope investigation services, identifying and correcting these hard-to-pinpoint issues. Small leaks or gaps in walls, windows, roofs, and other envelope components often expand over time. Catching them early prevents further structural damage and expensive repairs down the road.

Control Humidity and Moisture in Your Building With Building Envelope Testing

Managing moisture and indoor air quality is crucial in hot, humid climates. Too much moisture can mean mold growth, damaged insulation, rotting wood, and more problems. Even small amounts of water intrusion from leaks, gaps in the envelope, or humidity buildup from poor airflow can cause big problems if left unchecked.

Our non-invasive diagnostic testing pinpoints the exact sources of moisture ingress and humidity issues. We identify and seal water leaks, improve insulation, and adjust airflow to restore a comfortable, healthy, and efficient indoor space.

Warning Signs of a Compromised Building Envelope

Even small air leaks, insulation gaps, or moisture ingress issues can lead to larger problems over time. Catching problems early prevents expensive repairs down the road and keeps your home or business comfortable and healthy.

Aeret Restoration’s building envelope investigation services identify the root causes of these problems before they spiral out of control. Let our experts thoroughly inspect your home for envelope defects and pinpoint targeted solutions. We identify issues and provide repair services to comprehensively fix them.

We solve these common concerns:

  • Fluctuating temperature or humidity
  • Mold smells or visible mold growth
  • Hard-to-control climate inside
  • Unexpectedly high energy bills
  • Window condensation
  • Leaks, stains, or damage
  • Uninvited pests sneaking in
  • Cracks or gaps in walls, roof, windows

Take Control of Your Environment

Unbalanced humidity levels and hidden moisture damage can create an unhealthy home or business environment. Our building envelope evaluations accurately identify core issues. We implement customized solutions to restore safety, efficiency, and comfort.

Our Approach to Building Envelope Solutions

Aeret Restoration has refined our inspection process after years of examining all types of buildings. We customize every assessment to match your needs.

Checking Your Envelope Inside and Out

Leveraging state-of-the-art tools like thermal imaging, blower door testing, and drone imaging, our experts thoroughly inspect the building envelope. We identify gaps, cracks, leaks, insulation issues, pest entry points, and other defects compromising building integrity. You gain a complete map of problem areas needing repair.

Friendly and Minimally Invasive

Unlike disruptive demolition-style inspections, our process is surgical and minimally invasive. Precision diagnostics uncover what’s happening within walls and assemble components without unnecessary destruction. We only open up areas needing repair, saving time and money while fully resolving all issues.