Who We Serve

Aeret Restoration secures storm-damaged properties, addresses flooding and mold outbreaks, responds to fires, and restores residential and commercial buildings to pre-loss conditions.

Workers unloading drying fans

Comprehensive Restoration Services for Florida Businesses and Homeowners

Aeret Restoration provides best-in-class commercial and residential restoration services anchored by our core values of respect and integrity. We hire for technical skills and moral character, taking pride in developing responsible professionals with the experience and empathy to support you in your time of need. We treat all people honestly and respectfully. Our team members reflect these values in their meticulous, ethical approach to securing properties, protecting belongings, and restoring function after disasters.

Rapid Response Restoration for Any Property Emergency

When disaster strikes, timing is critical. Aeret Restoration’s rapid response teams immediately act to secure properties, minimize damage, and implement proven restoration protocols. Equipped to handle small leaks or large-scale catastrophes, our state-licensed technicians leverage the latest tools and technology to stabilize conditions and bring properties back to pre-loss functionality.

  • Hospitality

    From small leaks to catastrophic flooding, our water damage restoration technicians have the advanced equipment and proven know-how to fully dry out your hotel or restaurant. We find the source of the water intrusion and make necessary repairs to prevent future damage. Then, we mitigate mold risks through moisture removal, dehumidification, and application of EPA-registered antimicrobial treatments.

  • Healthcare

    Aeret Restoration offers complete mold inspection and testing to pinpoint contamination. For identified mold growth, we execute hospital-grade remediation following strict containment protocols utilizing HEPA filtration to prevent spore spread. Our goal is to eliminate mold and implement preventative measures so it doesn’t return.

  • Education

    Aeret Restoration works closely with school administrators to secure buildings to protect students and minimize interruptions. Our reconstruction teams leverage advanced tools to permanently restore learning environments impacted by disaster events. With around-the-clock availability, we strive to get schools fully operational as quickly as possible post-emergency.

  • Luxury Properties

    Storms can wreak havoc on luxurious properties through forceful winds, driving rain infiltration, and flying debris. Our storm restoration teams rapidly respond to stabilize and secure your property against further weather threats. Then, we fully inspect for damage, which guides our repair work to restore things to their pre-storm state.

Experience Our Proven Restoration Methods

With decades of combined experience securing storm-damaged buildings, tackling catastrophic flooding, responding to fires, and more, Aeret Restoration’s skilled technicians exceed expectations through ethical, reliable service that places customer safety and comfort first.

Industry Leading Response & Remediation

Aeret Restoration stands ready with state-licensed technicians, commercial-grade equipment, and a fleet of rapid-response vehicles. When disaster strikes your property, we spring into action 24/7 with proven protocols to secure facilities, minimize interruptions, restore functionality, and expertly repair damage. Healthcare facilities, hotels, luxury homes, schools, and more benefit from our extensive property restoration experience across virtually every industry.