Mold Remediation Services for Commercial and Residential Buildings

Eliminate hazardous mold growth from your Florida property and restore safe, healthy air quality for your home or business with Aeret Restoration’s proven full-service inspection and remediation process.

Discover Our Comprehensive Mold Damage Restoration Process

Mold growth can cause damage if left unchecked. It leads to walls, floors, and ceilings breaking down over time. The musty smells and big repair bills can make offices and homes uncomfortable or unusable.

Aeret Restoration has the tools and experience to identify and remove mold from your property. Here’s how our method works:

In-Depth Assessment and Mold Testing

Aeret Restoration begins every mold remediation project only after thoroughly assessing the site, identifying all affected areas, and determining the mold type(s) via lab testing when required.

Detailed site evaluations allow us to devise customized solutions best suited to safely remove the mold detected and prevent any recurrences in the future. Our experts meticulously map all mold locations and use specialized tools to analyze the mold types present so customized remediation plans can be made.

Efficient Mold Removal and Cleanup

Our certified professionals use specialized gear and proven methods to contain the mold, remove it completely, and ensure a thorough cleanup. We seal off the moldy spots to prevent spreading spores around. Then, we use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums, scrubbers, cleaner solutions, and other industry-approved products to safely wipe out the mold from walls, insulation, carpets, and more. Our exhaustive process leaves no trace behind.

Working With Your Schedule and Budget

We understand the disruptions caused due to mold outbreaks at home or work. Our flexible scheduling, done at your convenience, means minimal disruption as remediation work progresses. As a client-focused company, we also offer cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique situation and budget.

Explore Our Mold Remediation Process

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Eliminate Toxic Mold from Your Florida Property

Aeret Restoration’s licensed experts offer customized inspections and gentle, effective mold remediation services for your home or business. Our friendly team uses advanced technology and proven techniques to eradicate mold and moisture damage so you can breathe easy.

We Use Our CARE Program to Remediate Mold in Florida


Aeret Restoration’s team closely coordinates the entire process, from initial inspection to completing each job’s custom mold removal plan. We maintain regular communication with homeowners and staff to keep projects running smoothly. The manager checks in throughout the project to hit key milestones, address any worries, and make changes if unexpected issues arise.


A thorough site evaluation and mold analysis precede actual remediation. Identifying mold location(s), types, extent of spread, and underlying moisture issues is vital. Our experts use specialized tools like hygrometers, and moisture meters and take air/surface samples for lab testing before remediation. All accessible areas are inspected to precisely map mold locations while samples are tested to determine the mold type(s) for proper containment and removal planning.


Aeret Restoration’s first step after inspection is mold removal using proven techniques in the industry. We seal the area and apply antimold solutions. Then, we use HEPA vacuums and scrubbers to carefully remove mold from contaminated walls, floors, and other surfaces. Our exhaustive process restores air quality and eliminates musty smells and visible signs of mold throughout the affected area.

Emergency Plans

We know mold issues often become urgent. Our disaster response program lets us quickly respond to contain damage and restore your property ASAP. We also offer emergency water removal after events like flooding to avoid mold growth. Our team rapidly extracts excess water and dries things out using industry-standard equipment to reduce moisture, enabling mold prevention.

Fight the Hidden Humidity in Your Home

Too much indoor moisture causes problems for buildings. Leaks and bad insulation allow excess humidity to sneak in, creating mold infestations within the walls. Ignoring out-of-control mold means rotting wood, bad air quality, and expensive fixes down the road.

Aeret Restoration’s envelope inspections pinpoint hidden humidity risks. Our experts methodically track down leaks, gaps around doors and windows, missing insulation, and poor ventilation that usher wet air and water vapor indoors. Spotting the weak points of the envelope means we can block the moisture and mold, keeping things dry and breathable inside.

Mold testing