Florida’s Leading Storm Damage Restoration Company

As Florida’s premier rapid response restoration company, Aeret Restoration mobilizes expeditiously to secure properties and restore normalcy when disastrous storms strike.

Experience Swift Storm Damage Remediation

When disaster strikes, every minute counts. Aeret Restoration’s dedicated storm response teams are fully equipped to mobilize within 30 minutes of your call to rapidly assess the damage and implement restoration strategies. Available 24/7, we understand the distress you may feel and aim to secure your property, extract water, and initiate repairs within hours for the fastest recovery.

hurricane damage

Dedicated 24/7 Emergency Response

With live support 24/7 and no automated machines, Aeret Restoration agents rapidly dispatch our nearest rapid response crew to your property. We coordinate closely with insurance agents to expedite emergency services approval for immediate water extraction, drying, and repairs to curtail structural and mold threats.

Speedy Damage Evaluation Post-Storm

Upon arriving in marked vehicles within 30 minutes, our technicians will conduct a prompt and thorough storm damage inspection. We assess and document the damage through photos and video, testing moisture levels in walls and materials. Our inspectors identify affected areas and determine the equipment and restoration procedures needed to remediate issues. Fast assessment accelerates water removal before saturation and mold take hold.

Minimizing Downtime, Restoring Normalcy

With the assessment complete, we swiftly deploy our industrial drying equipment, including powerful truck-mounted extraction units, ultrasonic humidifying systems, and HEPA-filtered air scrubbers. Combined with our restoration expertise, these commercial-grade tools minimize downtime by returning properties to pre-storm conditions quickly and efficiently.

Solve Your Storm Damage Cleanup Needs

We offer extensive restoration services, from minor repairs to major reconstruction projects, to quickly recover your home or business. Our end-to-end solutions rapidly restore your property to pre-storm status and include water extraction, structural repairs, mold remediation, roof and tarping services, electronics restoration, and more.

Hurricane Restoration Services

Aeret Restoration provides vital remediation and rebuilding services to help communities recover after destructive hurricanes.

Reach Out for Emergency Storm Damage Services

When disaster strikes, contact Aeret Restoration—Florida’s standout storm damage restoration company—to mobilize our IICRC-certified technicians for water extraction, structural drying, mold remediation, and comprehensive rebuilding services. We’re ready around the clock to secure your property and return you to normalcy.

Deploy a Team That Has Extensive Storm Cleanup Experience

When major storms strike, homes and businesses can suffer devastating damage from high winds, flooding, and more. Since our founding, Aeret Restoration has provided essential restoration services to help communities impacted by destructive hurricanes and storms. We’ve provided vital emergency services, including water damage cleanup, structural drying, mold remediation, debris removal, and demolition.

Our skilled technicians have hands-on experience mitigating damage and facilitating repairs following storms like:

  • Hurricane Irene (2011)
  • Hurricane Sandy (2012)
  • Hurricane Matthew (2016)
  • Hurricane Harvey (2017)
  • Hurricane Irma (2017)
  • Hurricane Michael (2018)
  • Hurricane Dorian (2019)
  • Hurricane Sally (2020)

Aeret Restoration Swiftly Restores Naples Grande After Hurricane Ian’s Destruction

In October 2022, Aeret Restoration was brought in for a major restoration project: resurrecting the storm-battered Naples Grande Beach Resort in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. The expansive property had endured immense damage, requiring urgent rehabilitation.

Acting quickly, we mobilized various industrial resources, including generators, large-scale drying equipment, and over 1,100 portable dehumidifiers to facilitate repairs. With full crews on site working around the clock, we systematically dried out and refurbished the resort’s 474 hotel rooms, 41 villas, several restaurants, and ballrooms within a remarkably short 15-day timeframe.

Our expeditious efforts allowed the resort to reopen swiftly, accommodating 275 critical Florida Power & Light restoration personnel during a crucial period of local infrastructure recovery. Despite the vast scale of Hurricane Ian’s destruction, Aeret Restoration was proud to deliver quick and comprehensive repairs to this important Gulf Coast resort operation.