Commercial Mold Remediation for Tampa

Tampa businesses flooded with moisture issues turn to Aeret Restoration’s prompt, precision commercial remediation service for mold elimination and water damage restoration.

Why Our Commercial Mold Remediation Services are the Right Choice

When your Tampa business encounters mold issues, hiring a professional company specializing in commercial mold remediation is crucial. With extensive knowledge of Tampa’s climate and common business building types, Aeret Restoration is well-equipped to remove mold and prevent future growth.

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Complete Mold Removal for Tampa Businesses

When we arrive, our remediation experts will comprehensively inspect and analyze the mold in your Tampa business. We determine the moisture intrusion source, identify the mold species, and outline customized containment and remediation protocols for your building and industry. Our thorough mold removal process includes:

We seal off all ventilation ducts with plastic sheeting to isolate remediation zones completely. Negative air machines ensure contaminants stay inside containment areas and do not spread. Air scrubbers filter airborne spores from work areas.

Using true HEPA air scrubbers, we filter particles with high efficiency, continually cycling containment zone air through the filters to trap spores. This prevents spores from re-entering your business and additional mold regrowth.

We manually clean paper documents and dry them to prevent further page damage. Sensitive electronics undergo specialized ultrasonic cleaning and moisture removal. For restaurants, we thoroughly clean and restore cooking equipment to pre-loss form.

Post mold removal, we install mold and moisture-resistant drywall, vapor retarder paints, tile flooring, and other surfaces to get your Tampa business back to normal. We also assist with replacing furnishings, inventory, and other business content specific to your industry.

Get Your Damage Restoration Project Done Right

Let Aeret Restoration handle your home or business restoration project, delivering quality results on time and on budget with customized solutions to meet your needs. Our local experience, prompt response teams, and attention to detail ensure we efficiently resolve damage issues so you can return to normal life.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Tampa for Mold Prevention

Acting quickly when water damage occurs helps Tampa businesses prevent mold growth. Our commercial water damage restoration provides multiple benefits that can save businesses significant time and money down the road.

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Locating Hidden Moisture and Leaks

Infrared thermal imaging allows us to rapidly map moisture inside walls and precisely pinpoint leak sources without needing major demolition or repairs. By targeting only the affected areas, we can minimize overall repair costs for the business. The imaging may reveal leaks in unexpected places, catching issues before they become larger problems.

Thorough Drying for Mold Prevention

We can fully dry out building structures and contents using high-powered commercial dehumidifiers and large-scale air movers. Excess moisture is essentially the “fuel” that mold relies on to spread and grow. Removing that moisture quickly and effectively can prevent expensive mold issues from taking hold later on. The thorough drying helps create an interior environment that resists future mold growth.

Inhibiting Future Mold Growth

The antimicrobial coatings we apply are EPA-registered to inhibit mold, mildew, and bacteria. The long-lasting treatments essentially help keep surfaces mold-resistant between routine cleanings and maintenance. This provides ongoing prevention against mold taking hold again. It’s a smart, cost-effective way to save on preventative measures.