Restoration Services for Luxury Properties

Aeret Restoration secures luxury estates with five-star disaster recovery services that carefully restore high-end homes damaged by floods, mold, smoke, storms, or other catastrophic events.

Explore Premium Disaster Restoration for Luxury Homes

Repairing Water and Flood Damage

Intense storms or overflows cause extensive flooding in luxury homes, damaging floors and walls. Our flood crews use commercial dehumidifiers and cutting-edge removal equipment to swiftly eliminate standing water before mold develops. We thoroughly dry areas and make needed repairs to restore the refined pre-loss conditions.

Preventing and Removing Mold

Left unchecked, excess moisture allows hazardous mold growth that endangers health and structural safety. Our certified specialists thoroughly assess, contain, and remove fungal colonization using strict procedures. We also implement moisture reduction protocols and EPA-approved sealants to prevent regrowth.

Eliminating Smoke and Odors

Though rare, fires produce heavy smoke and unpleasant odors that get trapped in porous surfaces. Our crews use advanced fogging, scrubbing, and ozone treatments to fully eliminate stubborn smells from luxury interiors. We repair related fire, water, or heat damage.

Repairing Storm and Wind Damage

Extreme weather can damage roofs, windows, and structures. Aeret Restoration swiftly and thoroughly cleans up fallen debris before structurally reinforcing properties. Our teams flawlessly conduct repairs to restore storm and wind damage.

Partner With Our Technicians for Responsive Service

Aeret Restoration takes the time to actively listen and truly understand your unique needs, then delivers customized solutions on time through transparent communication and integrity you can rely on. We’re ready to tailor your restoration plan.

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FAQs About Our Residential Restoration Services

With advanced training and certifications, Aeret Restoration’s dedicated luxury division has extensive expertise in restoring high-end homes using cutting-edge methods tailored to protect valuables.

Yes, you can request daily briefings and inspect work done if desired. We also accommodate custom finishes and branding elements to meet unique needs.

Meticulous containment procedures isolate dust, debris, and work crews from occupied areas of luxury homes. We schedule noisy tasks considerately and clean up thoroughly afterward.