Commercial Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup

We offer high-quality, dedicated services tailored for commercial properties to completely restore your property after a fire with utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Smoke Damage Removal Services for Your Situation

When fire and smoke cause damage to your business, you need an experienced team you can trust to handle the cleanup and restoration process. Aeret Restoration’s certified professionals have the latest equipment and are available 24/7 to thoroughly assess the damage, develop a plan tailored to your property and goals, and efficiently provide necessary services for your situation.

Stairway fire

Training Focused on Safety Best Practices

Our fire and smoke damage cleanup crew consists of experts trained and certified in industry best practices for effectively and safely removing contaminants. We ensure our team follows established safety procedures to address all impacted areas and completely restore your property.

Specialized Equipment for Effective Cleaning

Aeret Restoration uses powerful HEPA air scrubbers, truck-mounted vacuums, and other advanced equipment to deeply clean affected surfaces and eliminate lingering smoke odors. Our cutting-edge tools allow us to clean thoroughly using green-certified products, providing the most effective results without harsh chemicals.

Explore Our Fire Restoration Services

Building on fire

Stay Informed Every Step of the Way

When you choose Aeret Restoration for your fire damage restoration, our project managers provide overly communicative updates to keep you and our referral partners continually in the know throughout the rebuilding process.

Explore Our Fire Restoration Procedure

In the initial aftermath of a fire event, Aeret Restoration provides strategic guidance and services focused on effective property stabilization, damage control, and restoring safe occupancy.

Fire damaged house

After fire or smoke damages your property, we conduct a detailed on-site assessment to fully understand the situation. This allows us to quantify losses and develop a customized response plan to rapidly stabilize your property.

Aeret Restoration promptly secures facilities to prevent unauthorized access, additional weather damage, and property theft while cleanup begins. This protects the remaining inventory while we address dangerous conditions.

We thoroughly remove smoke residue, soot, and severely fire-damaged materials following environmental protocols so rebuilding efforts start fresh. This includes proper disposal of unsalvageable contents cleared based on your restoration plan.

Aeret Restoration uses professional-grade deodorizers, disinfectants, and powerful air scrubbers to completely eliminate lingering smoke smells and restore healthy air. Our advanced equipment cleans air ducts and deeply penetrates materials for fresher indoor air quality.

After thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating your property, we focus on rehabilitation services to restore normal function.

Working with contractors, we oversee structural repairs, including drywall replacement, new flooring installation, electrical and plumbing upgrades, and other installation services needed to fully restore your property’s functionality.