Restoration Services to Remediate Mold in Hospitals

Aeret Restoration safeguards healthcare facilities and protects vulnerable patients against the serious dangers of toxic mold infestations.

Our Specialized Health Department Mold Inspection and Remediation Solutions

Aeret Restoration’s experts conduct comprehensive inspections and testing to ascertain the level of mold contamination in your healthcare facility. With the right knowledge, we can formulate an effective remediation plan. We also engage industrial hygienists to ensure we follow all disease control and prevention protocols.

We undertake many investigative procedures, including environmental sampling, line list documentation for patient notification, and visual inspection of stained and wet building material. We pay special attention to areas around HVAC systems and ceiling tiles.

We practice rigorous infection control protocols during the cleaning process to prevent further spread. Whether the mold growth can be seen on ceiling tiles or grows hidden in humid spots, all areas are treated with equal attention and thoroughness.

Usage of Advanced Equipment and Techniques

We equip our team with state-of-the-art equipment when dealing with mold in healthcare facilities. We leverage advanced techniques and high-quality biocides that are safe for use in health settings. Our experts also employ efficient water extraction and dehumidifying equipment, which are effective in controlling humidity levels and preventing future mold growth.

Our services don’t end after mold elimination. We perform audits to validate the effectiveness of our work, passing the results along to hospital leadership. Ongoing inspection and maintenance ensure your facility remains mold-free.

Safeguard Your Healthcare Facility Against Harmful Mold

Reliable mold remediation protects your patients, personnel, and bottom line. Our hospital-grade services eliminate mold and prevent regrowth through expert inspection, research-backed removal techniques, and ongoing verification.

Choose Our Mold Remediation and Containment Services

Aeret Restoration offers expertise and efficiency in mold remediation for hospitals. Our commitment is backed by a proven history, compliance with healthcare standards, and a highly trained team.

Compliance with Healthcare Regulatory Standards

Aeret Restoration complies fully with healthcare regulatory standards to provide services that exceed expectations. We know compliance is critical for legal operation and underpins the faith you place in us when choosing our professional restoration services.

Highly Trained and Certified Mold Remediation Team

Our team is highly skilled and certified in mold remediation services. The team undergoes regular training to stay updated with the latest techniques, technologies, and infection control protocols.

24/7 Emergency Response and Effective Communication

We understand the urgency in responding to mold outbreaks in healthcare facilities. We operate on a 24/7 basis, ensuring our team is ready to respond immediately to emergent cases of mold infestation. We provide quick responses and guarantee transparent and effective communication throughout the remediation process. You stay informed of our progress with detailed weekly updates and reports.