CARE Priority Program

Get disaster-event-ready with Aeret Restoration’s urgent response CARE priority program for businesses and homes.

Get Prioritized Disaster Response Solutions

Aeret Restoration offers CARE, a priority service program to help businesses quickly recover in the aftermath of a disaster event.



We work closely with property managers to develop customized emergency plans, conducting building assessments to identify risks and necessary safeguards upfront.



When issues occur, our teams use infrared imaging, moisture meters, and more to thoroughly evaluate damage and pinpoint exact repair needs.



Leveraging the ideal equipment and methods for the situation, we swiftly restore functionality after fires, floods, storms, and other events to get you back on your feet.


Emergency Plans

We outline coordinated response protocols between our crews, ownership, and tenants for every scenario, documenting emergency plans for rapid action.

Re-painting building

Why Our CARE Program Is the Right Choice

Aeret Restoration’s highly trained experts use state-of-the-art tools and preventative solutions to safeguard buildings, reduce damage, and prevent disruptions to business operations. We are reliable partners dedicated to protecting your property and creating safe, resilient facilities that can bounce back quickly when disaster events hit.

Keep Your Building in Shape With Aeret Restoration

Get disaster-resilient facilities with Aeret Restoration’s CARE program. Our experts use industry-leading solutions to protect assets, minimize damage, and rapidly restore functionality so your property and business bounce back better after catastrophic events.

What You Get With Our CARE Program

As a Florida company with national response capabilities, Aeret Restoration’s CARE members receive 24/7 assistance year-round whenever emergencies occur. CARE clients receive dedicated contacts and clear communication, so you feel well-informed and confident throughout the restoration process.

With equipment and technicians across Florida, we promptly send experts familiar with risks in your region to your location when issues occur.

We update ownership and management on response status, recovery phases, and suggestions to prevent future problems.

Our certified technicians and project managers undergo regular training to use the most advanced methods while meeting strict quality standards.

A regional account representative personally handles planning, emergency contacts, and any questions for smooth coordination.

CARE members avoid seasonal gaps in service or annual changes in contacts. We remain on standby as your partner 365 days a year.

Within 30 minutes of an emergency event, we contact facility leadership and can immediately have response teams at your property.

Be Prepared With Our CARE Property Surveys

Aeret Restoration’s CARE program includes comprehensive property surveys to help businesses stay prepared for emergencies. We thoroughly document critical access points and equipment at your facility. This includes locating and recording shut-off valves for water and electricity to enable faster response times if issues occur. We also log contact information for onsite staff and external vendors so key personnel can be immediately notified.

Worker carrying ladder up stairs

CARE surveys archive vital information to assist with planning, damage control, and recovery after an event. We store copies of insurance policies to streamline claims processing. Spatial mapping of the main floor shows generator locations, fire suppression system layouts, and other features. Identifying access points allows our crews to swiftly reach impacted areas. Photos and details on unique building characteristics further focus on our custom recommendations for keeping your property resilient. We stand ready to help you recover from emergencies quickly and comfortably.