Fire Damage Restoration Services for Florida Homes and Businesses

When disaster strikes your home or business, rely on our experts for emergency response and complete fire damage restoration services. We’ll make things right again.

Rebuild With Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

When a fire damages a home, it’s crucial to act quickly to protect belongings, fully assess the destruction, and start fixing things right away. Aeret Restoration’s fire damage repair services prioritize emergency response so recovery can begin immediately. With special training and equipment, our technicians can travel fast to homes across Florida to help homeowners deal with the aftermath.

Smoke and soot can deeply penetrate soft items like carpets, fabrics, and upholstery after a fire. Aeret Restoration’s technicians use industrial-grade air scrubbers and strong cleaning solutions to restore interiors and belongings and eliminate lingering odors and grime. We remove water-soaked insulation, treat structural frames, and check drying times.

We also thoroughly assess all fire damage once conditions stabilize. Our teams document all affected areas and tailor restoration plans for each home. This allows us to effectively refurbish possessions, repair fire and water damage, and rebuild impacted areas.

Before allowing clients back into a repaired home, Aeret Restoration completes final sanitizing and deodorizing treatments everywhere to eliminate any lingering smoke smell or contamination risk. This gives residents peace of mind after a fire.

Commercial Fire Damage Services for Your Business

Building on fire

Helping Businesses Stay Open During Repairs

Our top priority is to help minimize disruption after a fire event. Depending on the damage, we set recovery goals, implement temporary solutions, and work around active zones so companies can maintain productivity.

Comprehensive Repair of Commercial Buildings

Repairing commercial buildings requires methodical rebuilding based on unique structural layouts and building uses. We create specialized solutions for effectively repairing fire damage in commercial spaces of any size and industry type.

Advanced Equipment for Commercial Spaces

Aeret Restoration’s commercial teams use advanced diagnostics, drying technology, and proprietary methods to handle extensive smoke contamination and water damage throughout large, complex buildings and their critical systems.

Keep Everyone Informed During Your Fire Restoration

Aeret’s technicians can develop a restoration plan tailored to your situation and provide regular updates to all involved parties. Our open communication ensures insurance providers, contractors, and clients stay fully informed during rebuilding.

FAQs About Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

Aeret Restoration’s teams include dedicated technicians and project managers with IICRC certifications and years of hands-on fire damage remediation experience. We follow best practices.

Yes, we are always ready to swiftly dispatch skilled personnel and top-quality gear directly to fire locations when urgent action is required. Our round-the-clock availability sets us apart.

Since no two fires impact buildings the same, we take the time to thoroughly evaluate the unique destruction and contaminants on each site before creating customized restoration solutions.

Before concluding a restoration project, Aeret Restoration completes final verifications and provides documentation confirming all hazardous materials and damaged items were properly cleaned or replaced for health and safety.