Water Damage Restoration for Orlando Homes and Businesses

Aeret Restoration offers urgent water and damage repair for Orlando properties using high-capacity dehumidifiers and infrared moisture detection to rapidly restore safety.

Why Choose Us for Water Damage Restoration in Orlando?

With experience helping many businesses in different industries, Aeret Restoration knows how to help companies with water damage. Our trained technicians use powerful truck equipment, large dryers, and advanced drying methods that work well for substantial water problems. We understand the need to fix water damage quickly and work fast to remove water, dry out areas, check moisture levels, and clean affected areas. This limits disruption to your business while making your property safe and healthy again.


24/7 Emergency Response

Our crews are ready 24/7 to respond immediately when you call about an emergency. We can arrive on site within 1-2 hours to remove water and set up drying equipment, quickly drawing out moisture before mold starts growing. A fast response within the first 48 hours is critical for making your property safe again.

Mend the Water Damage in Your Orlando Hotel

Hotels need fast, minimally disruptive repairs so they can stay open. Aeret Restoration works closely with hotel managers to give clear updates while efficiently fixing the damage.

Orlando buildings

Water Extraction and Drying

To quickly take out standing water, our technicians use powerful extraction vacuums and pump systems made for large-scale water removal. We then set up high-capacity dehumidifiers and moisture-control air scrubbers fitted to the unique layout and conditions on site, checking progress with moisture mapping until affected materials are completely dry per industry standards.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Once dry enough, Aeret Restoration deep cleans all affected surfaces with antimicrobial solutions to remove contaminants and prevent mold growth. We may also use special techniques like ozone treatment and UV light sanitation. We can also protect furniture long-term with EPA-approved antimicrobial coatings.

Restore Safety and Health After Water Damage

Our teams are ready to respond whenever your home or business suffers flooding or water damage. We swiftly extract the water, dry out affected materials, and prevent mold formation. Our powerful equipment, extensive drying knowledge, and certified mold remediation help us to rapidly repair water damage and restore normal conditions.

Find Thorough Mold Remediation for Orlando Businesses

If your business has mold growing because of too much moisture, our IICRC-certified technicians can fix the contamination and take steps to prevent more mold. We block off work areas with barriers, scrub the air clean, and completely treat materials to eliminate mold and prevent it from returning.

Two workers looking at wet ceiling

Frequently Asked Questions About Mold Removal in Orlando

Q: How do you test for mold in a home?

A: Aeret Restoration uses advanced techniques like air sampling, surface sampling, moisture mapping, and thermal imaging to identify all areas affected by mold growth in a home. This allows us to see contamination hidden behind walls or under materials.

Q: Why is it important to hire professionals for mold removal in Orlando?

A: Florida’s hot, humid climate causes rapid mold growth if excess moisture isn’t swiftly removed. Our Orlando teams are highly trained and certified by the IICRC to contain outbreaks and fully remediate using the latest methods to inhibit regrowth. We also handle the permits, testing reports and paperwork for proper mold projects in the region.

Thermal Imaging and Moisture Inspections

Aeret Restoration performs exhaustive inspections to pinpoint all moisture intrusion areas that may not be visibly apparent but still enable hidden mold growth. This allows for full remediation and permanent prevention. Thermal cameras detect temperature differentials pointing to moisture within walls, HVAC systems, and more, while moisture meters evaluate materials.